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Adolescent Girls to Self-reliant Adults

Adolescent Girls to Self-reliant Adults

Adolescence is increasingly recognized as not only critical in an individual’s life course but also very vulnerable. Poised at the intersection between childhood and the world of adults, adolescents (14-19) face unique challenges to both their full development and exercise of their capabilities.  There are slightly over 7.0 million youth from the ages of 15–24 years of age living in Uganda, who are groomed into useful and productive human capital, which would greatly benefit the development of the nation. However, the transformation has neither always been effectively managed nor mentored, and therefore many have been distracted from their personal development and denied opportunities for career advancement and employability.

Accordingly, CEEWA-U is concerned about the vulnerability, empowerment, and employability challenge for the youth. The existing evidence demonstrates that the empowerment needs of adolescents have not been fully or systematically addressed during their childhood and personal development. The personal and capabilities development of the youth, especially the vulnerable and, in underserved areas, continue to be challenged by several socio-economic related issues in a rapidly changing world. Career guidance and counseling has not been fully established within all schools; especially in rural areas, making it difficult for the adolescents to transit into the world of work and financial independence, in a slow-growing economy of Uganda.  Accordingly, adolescents need advisory support and mentoring to set them on a positive life trajectory. To complement the formal education system, CEEWA-U has committed to building the capacity of the adolescents (aged 13-19), in school and outside school, manage their transition into responsible, confident and self -reliant adults and equipped with skills for adopting.

Adolescents' transitioning into Respected, Empowered, Employable, and Self-Reliant Adults.

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