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In 1999 CEEWA-Uganda undertook a survey involving 325 clients from 27 MFIs in uganda as well as well a Participatory Rural Appraisal with clients from 3 MFIs using different methodologies. The study revealed that clients of MFIs needed and wanted bigger loans fro purchase of fixed or current assets and longer repayment periods. It was also noted that clients do actually seek larger loans by borrowing from several institutions at the same time. Since they cannot admit to having multiple loans, they smiply dont tell thus increasing the risk to the MFI. With this developments CEEWA-U and UMU designed a new loan product " The Capital Asset Loan Know as KIKALU"Read more

Policy Brief on Gender and Health

Policy Brief on Gender and Education

Gender Dimensions of Corruption in Uganda

Policy Brief on Gender and Agriculture

Policy brief: The Economic Empowerment of Girls and Women with Disabilities

Did you know?
Poverty and disability in Uganda have been impossible to separate, despite impressive economic gains made by the country in the last two decades. About 6.7 million (13.7 % of the Ugandan population) have disabilities and 13 % live in rural areas (2014 Population Census). 60 % of the persons aged 60 years plus have impairments. It is estimated 24 % of the poor are persons with disabilities (PWDs) implying that for every four poor persons in Uganda, one of them is a PWD.Read more


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