• Council for Economic Empowerment for Women of Africa-Uganda
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Our Programmes

Programme 1: Gender Differentiated Research and Advocacy

We commit to provide evidence and advocate for informed policies, incentives and programs that reduce gender disparities in access to, use and benefit from economic resources and opportunities in various economic sectors in Uganda. The ultimate objective is to enhance employability and lucrative economic engagement of women. Accordingly, we undertake the following activities:

  • Gender differentiated research to collect evidence on gender inequalities in access to and benefit from economic opportunities in select sectors of the economy.
  • Dissemination and sharing of findings to enhance awareness of existing disparities in economic engagement in various sectors, explain the underlying causes, and submit gaps in existing initiatives that need to be addressed.
  • Undertake advocacy initiatives, targeting state and non-state actors, to consider and build consensus on measures, incentives, and interventions to reduce inequalities in development process.

Programme 2: Sustainability and Competitiveness of Enterprises owned by Women

Our interest is to promote sustainable, and competitive enterprises owned by women. can be competitive within existing market, generate gainful returns, and sustained over a medium-long term. Hence forthwith, we design and deliver innovative solutions to as needed by women entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer the following major undertakings include:

  • Designing and offering tailored skilling programs aimed at enhancing enterprise management competence; and promoting employability, especially for lucrative vocations; competence for increased productivity and returns (income).
  • Support provision of regular and affordable advisory support and mentoring services to help women adopt: (i) environment smart and modern farming practices; and value addition technologies to guarantee demand of their products at higher prices
  • Building capacities of individual women farmers and their groups as “resident experts” to support other women entrepreneurs and remain community resources long after our interventions.

Programme 3: Gender responsive governance for development of local economies.

We are wary of the limited translation of existing gender responsive legal and policy framework into funded interventions at the lower government levels. The shortcoming undermines efforts to increase employability and gainful engagement of women in economic development space. Accordingly, we are committed to building the capacity women councilors, technocrats, women organized in groups, and men to advocate for gender responsive government programs and services, and hold the duty bearers accountable for the impact of public expenditure on reduction of gender inequalities in development and women economic empowerment. Therefore, our activities including the following:

  • Training programs aimed at enhancing the competencies (negotiation and communication skills) needed to influence gender responsive interventions in community and local economic development.
  • Mentoring support help them adopt the requisite skills in decision-making, monitoring and oversight during the planning, budgeting and accountability processes in local governments.
  • Support them to establish effective and productive partnerships with local governments and other stakeholders, i.e for reliable sources of capital, agriculture advise and inputs as well as lucrative market opportunities.

Programme 4: Empowerment of Adolescent Girls

CEEWA-U recognizes that economic empowerment is a medium-to long-term development process and hence should be initiated at an early age of an individual. However, many adolescents do not have access to facilities and support to help them acquire, nurture and consolidate the crucial inherent traits and abilities as they transit into self-esteemed, self-reliant, empowered and employable adults. Therefore, we conduct adolescent empowerment programs, every school holiday, to help the youth, from schools with persistent low academic performance, to pursue their personal and career aspirations. The program provides an opportunity for interaction with career counselors, educationist, professionals, role models and motivational speakers on matters relevant to their personal and career development as stipulated below:

  • Why and how should an individual contribute to human development at home, community, school?
  • Who am I? A critical question in understanding oneself, especially the potential talents and inner strengths to be harnessed, inevitable weaknesses to be addressed or managed – and thereby providing
  • a foundation for personal development and informed career choices.
  • Behaviors and practices that promote a healthy and productive life, prevent the spread of infectious diseases (Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV), and promotion of psychological well-being.
  • Understanding the value for work as well as a need to start income-generating activities to supplement parental support, and requirements for enhanced employability.
  • Effective use of communication technologies, including computer literacy, for their career advancement, personal development and economic empowerment.